MEET LINDA - Founder of The Courage to Love Me Method  

From her teenage years, Linda knew she wanted to be a therapist helping people through their emotional struggles.  As a recent immigrant from The Bahamas, she didn’t feel like she fit in which brought up a lot of emotional issues.  So, she went to school and earned her Associates Degree in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Mental Health and worked with clients from New Jersey to California deal with their emotional issues.  While in California, she discovered alternative therapies and decided to get certified as a Holistic Health Practitioner and opened a practice doing massage and emotional release therapy which releases stress and tension from the muscles.  She also worked in hospitals helping promote preventive wellness practices.

Upon moving to Minnesota, she began working with at-risk youth and young adults and women victims of domestic violence.  She also put on workshops for stress reduction, meditation and spiritual development.  Continuing her growth, she obtained her B.A. Degree in Organizational Leadership.

Linda loves hiking, biking, yoga, working out at the gym and living a healthy, active lifestyle.  But one day, while hiking she fell and tore ligaments and tendons in her knee badly.  After trying traditional, western medicine, she discovered Yin Yoga which is different from most forms of Yoga.  Yin Yoga involves long-held poses on the floor, stretching connective tissues which eventually healed the condition with her knee.  She loved it so much, she did it up to 4 times a week until she decided that she wanted to help others who may be struggling with the same type of conditions.

She went through Yoga Teacher Training and then specializing in Yin Yoga.  As she continued learning more about the subtle energy in her body and how it affected her life, she earned a certification in Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) which is more hands-on technique working with subtle energy and the nine energy systems of the body.  She also became certified as a Spring Forest Qigong practitioner which is another form of energy healing using imaginative meditation techniques.  Furthering her expertise, she became certified in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT - also known as Tapping) which is a powerful self-help tool that helps alleviate pain, stress, fears and weight loss; and is continuing to expand her knowledge of cutting edge training she is a Advance certified Psych-k Facilitator. which is a powerful and fast process that helps people change their subconscious beliefs to be supportive of their conscious goals.

Linda has developed The Courage to Love Me Method that uses Inner Child Work, Energy Medicine, Psych-K and Unconditional Love to help you gain the Courage to Love yourself. 

She  has also developed a system to combine Yin Yoga with Energy Medicine to balance and bring harmony to the energy systems in the body. 

Linda Duncanson

emotional blockages, low-self-esteem,

depression, grief & loss, anger, anxiety,

feeling overwhelmed,

stress or general agitation

chronic physical pain or stiffness
or just need a fresh outlook


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