Yoga Classes vs. Yin Energy Yoga Therapy

August 21, 2016



Yoga Classes

Many people have taken a yoga class, and frequently they go for the exercise.  The benefits of attending yoga classes include greater strength, flexibility and overall health.  Concentration is key, and some light meditation may be involved.  Students attending yoga classes are getting the general benefit from asanas (poses) that develop muscles while moving through a choreographed sequence.


Yoga Teachers

In those classes, the yoga teacher has a job to do:  to lead the members through a series of yoga poses.  The classes have many different styles such as a Vinyassa flow, Ashtanga, Hatha, Power, and Yin to name a few and all require different training.  The teaching style has different goals for their class.  Some teachers focus on the instructional aspect of the class, leading and directing the movements.  Others focus on the educational aspect, giving the students tools to develop their own practice.  Often, yoga classes include some instruction and some education.


Yin Energy Yoga Therapy

People who seek help from a yoga therapist do so to get relief from a specific condition.  Physical ailments, emotional issues and spiritual development are addressed by developing a therapeutic plan to address the issue.


Yin Yoga goes beyond the muscles and targets the connective tissues, ligaments, joints and even bones.  Passive asanas are held for longer periods of time, frequently 3-5 minutes or more and target certain areas such as hips, pelvis, upper and lower spine, knees and shoulders.  The asanas are designed to align energy meridians in your body to balance that energy.


Energy Medicine is the practice of balancing energy in your body to eliminate over- or under- energized meridians that are the root source of discomfort.  When any of the 9 energy systems of the body are out of harmony, the imbalance manifests itself in physical or emotional symptoms.  Chronic pain and excessive stiffness are physical ailments that can be relieved by releasing tension in the body.  Stress, depression, food cravings, bad habits, unhealthy relationships and other mental and emotional issues are addressed.


Yin Energy Yoga Therapy combines the therapeutic aspects of both Yin Yoga and Energy Medicine to release tension and provide you with tools for self-empowerment.  In a session, you are placed in asanas that address your specific condition while talking through the issues of concern.  Hands-on techniques are used to move stuck energy and use the body’s natural healing systems to achieve balance.


Although yoga classes do provide general benefits, seeing a Yin Energy Yoga therapist will show you the way to greater balance and relief from specific conditions that are affecting your health and happiness.


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