The Courage to Love Me Method

The Courage to Love Me Method is a 5 step program which releases stress and heals emotional and physician pain!

Over time, unresolved emotional traumas build and remain in the body creating stress and tension.

Infuse love into yourself and you will thrive in your life with cultivated confidence so you will:

Wake up every day knowing that life is on your side”

  • Release Emotional Blockages

  • Manage Stress and Tension in your body

  • Eliminate Anxiety and Overwhelm 

  • Freedom from Fear and Phobias

  • Overcome Depression                      


Linda has developed a method that uses Inner Child Work, Eden Energy Medicine, Psych-K and Unconditional Love to help you gain the Courage to Love yourself. 

You can achieve Emotional Freedom and overcome anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue, panic and other chronic conditions. 


Emotional Freedom is having the power to make a choice to be free from negative emotions that no longer serve you.


The Courage To Love Me Steps:

  1. Willingness to learn about your true-self (authentic reflection)

  2. Intention to learn and have compassion (why you have this pain )

  3. Listen to the voices, messages, false beliefs (wounded self)

  4. Responsible for thoughts and emotions (make a choice)

  5. Dialogue from your higher self (I love you anyway )

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First session                       $200

(2 hours)

Single Session                   $140

90 minute session

6-Pack                                   $750
(or 3 payments of $275)

12-Pack                                  $1500

(or 6 payments of $275)

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