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Yin Energy Yoga

Some benefits include...

Emotional Stress relief

Relaxed nervous system

Full range of motion

Reduced joint stiffness

Increased circulation

Increased energy flow

Greater clarity of mind

Greater self-awareness

Control of negative thoughts

Energy forms habits...


... and when we consistently practice Yin Energy Yoga, at least 2-3 times a week, we change the way our energy is flowing through the 9 major energy systems.  We are changing our energy to flow more freely through the systems and become healthy.


Yoga Therapies uses the techniques of Yoga to create, stimulate and maintain an optimum state of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.


Yin Energy Yoga, developed by Oro Health Founder, Linda D. Miller, is a therapy which integrates:


Yin Yoga seated postures, sustained stretching, compressing and twisting Yin tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, joints) for a period of time


And Eden Energy Medicine which helps balance the subtle energy systems and body organs.


STRESS is the single leading cause of all major diseases in our bodies. Yin Energy Yoga is designed to relieve stress by targeting the energy systems that have been compromised.


Yin Energy Yoga is effective for...


  • Releasing built up tension that affects your nervous system

  • Focusing on your breath and mediation

  • Deepening your relationship with yourself and opening yourself up to greater awareness by learning when and how you hold stress and how to release it from your muscles, ligaments, fascia, joints and organs.

  • Achieving a better range of motion, greater flexibility, reduce joint stiffness, increased circulation in your body blood and energy systems, calmness, peace and clarity  of mind, control of negative thoughts. This can ultimately leading to a more peaceful, joyful content life.


First session                       $200

90 minute session

Single Session                   $130

90 minute session

3-Pack                                   $360
90 minute sessions

5-Pack                                   $575

90 minute sessions

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